You probably know that most new builds in South Australia now require a rainwater tank to be plumbed into residential water systems for some domestic uses.  However, you may not realize that you can still achieve major benefits, such as substantial savings on your water bill, by installing a rainwater collection system if you do not already have one.  And, for many in our area, looking for water savings is especially pertinent, considering the over 26% increase in water rates that came into effect on July 1, with a similar increase expected for next year.

You may be wondering: “just how substantial are the savings I can expect with a rainwater system?”  We find that given typical rain and roof area numbers, the savings can definitely take a major bite out of most water bills.  For example, for a typical home supplied by SA Water, with 150m^2 of roof, over 78,000L of rainwater can be collected in a year using a Maxiplas rainwater tank -- representing well over 40% of one’s yearly water use -- and hundreds of dollars per year in savings.  

Making rainwater matters even more lucrative for homeowners is the fact that a significant portion of your investment in a Maxiplas rainwater tank is actually recoverable from the state government: akin to most other Australian states, the Government of South Australia, in collaboration with SA Water, will refund you a specific amount once you purchase a rainwater tank.  All you have to do is complete and fill out a simple application form -- and they will even deposit your rebate into your bank account!

Of course, besides cost savings, there are other benefits to a rainwater tank -- such as helping preserve the environment by effectively using and conserving water, which is nature’s most precious resource.  These benefits are especially amplified with Maxiplas.  Not only are we truly a Made-in-Australia business and employer, but our high-quality products ensure that you are purchasing a rainwater collection system that will serve you and your family reliably and effectively for many, many years.

We invite you to learn more about our products.  If you would like to take a more specific look at your prospective savings by investing in a Maxiplas rainwater tank, we invite you to check out our Rainwater Savings Calculator.